Poetry: “My Behaviour” by D.C. Miller


Mario-Eloy-The-poet-and-the-angel-detail-c1938-MNAC-Lisbon-photo-via-flickr(Art: from “The Poet and the Angel” by Mario Eloy.)

We will have to climb through seven hells to hear the angels weeping.

TODAY we have a poem, on video, by a controversial figure who calls his behavior “indefensible on every level except the only one that matters.”

A poet who’s been through the fire of controversy.

“I have always been a poet, and this is the only plea I am prepared to enter.”

We present that plea, that poem– “My Behaviour” by D.C. Miller, performed at the Charles University in Prague– here at our Open Mic.

One doesn’t have to agree with all or any of what D.C. Miller says, or with who he is, or with what his unspecified sins might be, to recognize this is an artist. This poem is proof of that fact.

The poem addresses the world– “How much can man destroy and still continue to exist?”

The poem addresses art– “And the darker aspects of the day we live in will generate extraordinary beauty.”

The poem addresses himself– “My life is mine alone.”

Which might be the most important words of the work.

The bottom line is that all art is defensible, and must be defended. We hope you understand and appreciate what the poet, the artist, says in the poem, and why we’ve posted it.




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