Poem: “Kristins” by Kristin Garth

TODAY we have a short but powerful poem by a fairly new poet who knocks it, with spoken word, out of the park. “Kristins” by Kristin Garth. Guaranteed we haven’t heard the last of her. (We plan to have Kristin back soon at the New Pop Lit Open Mic microphone.) Listen in: (Painting: “Nightmare” by […]

Video: Philly Poet Frank D. Walsh Live!

TODAY we have rare video of Philadelphia underground poetry legend Frank D. Walsh in a “Poets Beat Mines” performance (mines, not mimes) from approximately 12/17/2009. The venue is likely The Irish Times saloon at 2nd and Bainbridge in Philadelphia. Frank is accompanied by Miss Blake on mandolin, who reads some verse herself. This was in […]

Kate Hepburn Reads Blixa BelGrande

EXCLUSIVE! New Pop Lit has acquired a recording purporting to be of legendary Hollywood figure Katharine Hepburn reading a classic poem written by mysterious poet Blixa BelGrande. Talent upon talent! Is it for real? It’s definitely a real recording. Let us know what you think.